Partner Institutions

“‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

The success and impact of any program is often determined by strong partnerships. The students sponsored by the Kiiti Kamba Foundation have attended a wide array of educational institutions.  These are highlighted based on the Kenyan Counties where the institutions are located.

High/Secondary Schools per County

Boy Schools

  1. Machakos School
  2. Mumbuni Boys High School
  3. St. Michael Kabaa High School
  4. Masii Boys High School
  5. Mulaani Boys High School
  1. Makueni Boys High School
  2. Mbooni Boys High School
  3. Munyuni Secondary School
  4. Kitondo Secondary School
  5. St. Martins Kathonzweni School
  6. Mukaa Boys High School
  7. Mwaani Boys High School
  8. St. Pauls Kyamuthei Boys
  9. Matiliku Boys Secondary School
  10. Kaumoni Boys Secondary School
  11. Kitonyini Secondary School      
  12. Kilungu Boys High School
  13. St. Barnabas Thwake Secondary School
  14. Kako Secondary School
  15. Nthangu Mixed Secondary School
  16. Unoa Primary
  1. Kitui High School
  1. Nairobi School
  2. Alliance High School
  3. Oloolaiser High School
  1. Thika High School
  2. The Salvation Army High School for the Blind
  3. Thika High School for the Blind
  1. St. Patricks High School – Iten
  1. Ikuu Boys High School
  1. Kenyatta High School – Mwatate

Girl Schools

  1. Machakos Girls High School
  2. Muthetheni Girls High School
  3. Matungulu Girls High School
  4. Mumbuni Girls High School
  5. Grass Valley Girls Secondary School
  1. Makueni Girls Secondary School
  2. Precious Blood – Kilungu
  3. Mbooni Girls High School
  4. Kisau Girls Secondary School
  5. St. Joseph’s Girls High School – Kibwezi
  6. Mwaani Girls Secondary School
  7. A.C.K. Ukia Girls Secondary School
  8. Good Shepherd Girls Secondary School
  9. Munyuni Secondary School
  10. Kitise Secondary School
  11. Our Lady of the Assumptions Tawa Secondary School
  12. Joytown Secondary School
  13. St. Barnabas Thwake Secondary School
  1. Muthale Girls High School
  1. Pangani Girls High School
  2. Alliance Girls High School
  1. Limuru Girls High School
  2. Loreto Girls High School
  3. Maryhill Girls High School
  1. Kangaru Girls High School
  2. St. Bakhita Siakago Girls High School
  3. S.A. Kyeni Secondary School
  1. Moi Girls High School – Eldoret
  1. Matuga Girls High School
  1. Mumbi Girls High School
  1. Nakuru Girls High School
  1. Moi Forces Academy – Lanet
  2. Ole Tipis Girls Secondary School
  1. Sironga Girls High School
  1. Bura Girls High School

University Institutions per County

  1. Machakos University
  1. South Eastern Kenya University
  1. The University of Nairobi
  2. K.C.A. University
  3. Cooperative University
  4. Africa International University
  5. Multi Media University
  6. The Technical University of Kenya
  1. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  2. Kenyatta University
  3. Mount Kenya University
  1. Chuka University
  2. The Kenya Methodist University
  3. Meru University
  1. Cooperative University of Kenya
  1. Egerton University
  1. Kisii University
  1. Pwani Universty
  1. Kirinyaga University
  1. Laikipia University
  1. Maasai Mara University
  1. Moi University
  2. University of Eldoret
  1. Bomet University College
  1. Masinde Muliru University of Science and Technology
  1. Maseno University
  1. Rongo University

Technical/College Institutions per County

  1. Machakos Teachers Training College
  2. Machakos Technical Institute for the Blind
  3. Machakos Technical Training Institute
  4. Kenya Medical Training College
  5. Century Park College
  6. Dynasty Institute of Technology and Professional Studies
  1. Zetech Business and Technology Institute
  2. Nairobi Technical Training College
  3. Railway Training Institute
  4. Kenya Technical Teachers Training College
  1. Wote Technical Training Institute
  2. Makueni Youth Polytechnic
  1. Thika School for the Blind
  1. International Teachers Training
  2. Masai Technical Training Institute
  1. Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology
  1. Eldoret National Polytechnic
  1. Technical University of Mombasa