“It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do, that counts.”

Mother Teresa, Saint of Calcutta

The work and impact of the Kiiti Kamba Foundation (KKF) is strengthened and enhanced by our partners. Within the various partners institutions, the teachers and administrators work tirelessly to ensure that the students are supported through knowledge building and mentoring so that the learning process is efficient and effective. This partnership helps prepare and produce young citizens that engage in community and national development with the aim of reducing poverty while building strong livelihoods.

As a Foundation, we want to say, ‘Asante sana! Thank you!’ to all the teachers and administrators for their resilience and valuable work!

Mr. Hillary Muthoka, St. Martin Kathozweni School
Mrs. Musau, Makueni Boys School
Phelomena Ndanu Iketha, Makutano Primary School
Science lesson at Machakos School