The Kiiti Kamba Foundation

Benson & Esther Kiiti Kamba

Providing Educational Opportunities that Empower the Young People of Makueni and Machakos Counties

Foundation History

The Kiiti Kamba Foundation is a non-profit organization that was started in memory of Benson and Esther Kiiti Kamba.  They were both business and community leaders in Makueni and Machakos Counties, who had an exemplary vision for education as a key component of empowerment.

Their lives reflected a commitment, passion and service in providing educational opportunities for their own family, friends and community members. 

 They often challenged, encouraged and financially supported many young people in Makueni and Machakos Counties to pursue their educational endeavors to the highest level possible. Mr. Kiiti Kamba also served on numerous boards for educational institutions in Makueni and Machakos Counties.

As a memorial, the Foundation was started and targets the young people of Makueni and Machakos Counties with a focus on the underrepresented who are often disadvantaged in accessing educational opportunities.  For many years, students from these areas have been recognized, nationally, for their academic achievements.  Many of the students come from disadvantaged families who are not able to support these children to pursue higher education.

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The Kiiti Kamba Foundation envisions a critical mass of empowered young people, from Makueni and Machakos Counties, participating to enhance holistic development in Kenya, other parts of Africa and around the world.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kiiti Kamba Foundation is to facilitate and provide educational support and mentoring to children from the most disadvantaged families and communities in Makueni and Machakos Counties.

The Approach: 4 Pillars

The Foundation uses a variety of approaches to accomplish its mission.  The following initiatives help promote a participatory approach to learning:


Provide support for young people in obtaining basic education and skills (mainly secondary/high school, technical institutions, and university levels).

Mentoring program

Mentoring program to ensure comprehensive support to guide the young people in a holistic way.

Internship and research program

Opportunities for internships, research, and engagement to provide practical skills and learning forums for young people.

Partnering with Institutions for Capacity Strengthening

Partnering with academic institutions, community organizations, and networks to strengthen their capacity to work with and support youth.

Key 2022 Highlights

Guiding Principles

The Kiiti Kamba Foundation is guided by principles of faith, integrity, diversity, and a learning culture.

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