KKF Alumni Facilitate ICT Boot Camp for Sponsored Students

The digital revolution has brought with it both challenges and opportunities.  One of the challenges is access–access to the equipment, access to the infrastructure (e.g. electricity, internet connectivity, etc), and even concerns related to safety and security since computers and phones are in such high demand.  That has not stopped the Kiiti Kamba Foundation from pushing forward to try and get our students the access they need, especially to computers.  Our vision is to ensure that our sponsored students—especially in college or university—have access to a computer.

Recognizing that many of our sponsored students do not have any knowledge or access to computers, KKF was able to offer an ICT Boot Camp for 15 students in December, 2023 (six of the students are sponsored by a KKF partner from Masii, Machakos).  The course was designed and delivered by Stephen Muendo, a KKF alumni who just completed his Computer Science/ICT degree from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), where he graduated with a 2nd Class Honors.  Stephen was assisted by Sammy Makau, another KKF alumni and continuing student.  Sammy graduated last year as the top student in Machakos School (KKF Alumnus Joins Equity Bank as an Intern – The Kiiti Kamba Foundation) and has gone on to study Pharmacy at Kenyatta University.  Both Stephen and Sammy wanted to give back or ‘pay it forward’ for the way they have been and continue to be supported by KKF. We are grateful for the Friends of KKF in Atlanta who provided the computers.  We hope to continue training and supporting KKF sponsored students as they navigate their digital landscape.

Stephen and Sammy guide students through the ICT course

The students received KKF Boot Camp certificates

Stephen will continue helping us build the ICT program since that’s part of his passion.  Even while doing his undergraduate studies at the Jomo Kenyatta University, Stephen found the time to mentor and advise the other KKF students who were at the university.  When the KKF team visited scholarship recipients at their schools, it was always nice to see how Stephen continued to encourage other students.

Stephen served as a mentor and advisor to other KKF students at Jomo Kenyatta during his studies