KKF Alumni is Honored with the Rising Star Award at BRITAM

Excellence and hard work are core values promoted by the KKF team.  In December, 2023, Britam awarded Fredrick Mutinda, a KKF alumni, the ‘Rising Star Award’ for his commitment, hard work, and excellence within the organization.

The photo shows Fred receiving his award at a company event.  Fred joined Britam in July, 2019, as an outsourced Customer Experience Associate. In December, 2021, he was given a permanent job as an Underwriter Associate within the company and transferred from Nairobi to a branch in Nakuru. In 2023, Fred successfully submitted his application and was tapped for a position which saw him return back to Britam’s Headquarters, in Nairobi, as a Revenue Operations Officer.

Fred comes from Masinga sub-county in Machakos where he attended primary school.  He recalls his upbringing: “It wasn’t easy but through motivations/seminars/mentors I made a choice to never give-up in search of education regardless of how unbearable life used to be.”  This motivation placed him as the top student, in his location, for the 2008 final national exam (KCPE).  Due to lack of school fees, he didn’t join secondary school the following year- in 2019.  Instead, he ended up in the streets until, through a good Samaritan, he joined a day school mid-year in 2010.  Again, through hard work and appreciation for a second chance, he managed to score a B+ and secured a chance to join university under a government sponsorship program. 

Fred speaks and inspires students at the KKF Annual Meeting

It was during the second year of his journey, that he was introduced to the KKF team. They sponsored him for three years of university education.

His message to the entire KKF family, especially the on-going students and alumni, is that “excellence is attained through sacrifice, commitment, and remaining focused on the main goal.  The truth of the matter is that there is no heaven on earth and good things are as a result of working hard or working smart. The main point is work.”