KKF Alumnus Joins Equity Bank as an Intern

One of the four pillars of the Kiiti Kamba Foundation (KKF) is facilitating and securing internship opportunities for students.  We have observed that internships are an excellent path to begin their career journey and often lead to the labor force.  This is the case for Sammy Makau, from Machakos County (Mwala Sub County), who recently graduated from Machakos School with a solid ‘A’ grade, winning an award for being the top student in the school.

Sammy is an impressive young man who credits his grandmother, a small-scale farmer, for raising him up with much love and discipline.  When he was beginning his high school studies at Machakos School, he was introduced to KKF.  He promised that if KKF supported him, he would not let us down!  He delivered.  Now, at the age of 17 years, Sammy has achieved his goal of graduating at the top of his class, and we celebrate with him.

For his hard work and discipline, Sammy has secured an internship at Equity Bank while he awaits to join one of the universities later in the year.  When asked about his academic journey, Sammy shares both the ups and the downs: “My academic journey has been smooth since I met the KKF.  God has really helped me in my studies.  However, there are always challenges like lack of supplies, pocket money, and sometimes low self-esteem. All the same, with the help of the Almighty God, I have made it this far in terms of academics.”

At Machakos School, Sammy wins a laptop computer and suitcase after being named top student in the school 

What is Sammy’s vision for the future?  He would like to first get a degree—Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB). He emphasizes this vision by adding: “I have always aspired to become a leading Medical Doctor/Surgeon, in Kenya and the world at large, and a smart problem solver to address the challenges in the medical industry.  I would like to invest in building and creating healthcare facilities like hospitals, pharmacies, and dispensaries. This is to solve some of the problems facing the Medical Industry by providing affordable healthcare solutions to Kenyans. My slogan then would be: Improving Healthcare Systems in Kenya.”

Sam working at Equity for internship

Sammy plans on really focusing on learning and growth during his internship at Equity.  He sees this as “a golden opportunity to be mentored and create networks which will help me in the future. It is also an opportunity to appreciate working and interacting as a staff member and not a student. Nevertheless, it is an opportunity where I can make savings for my expenses at the University and it helps me expand my CV for the job market.”

Sammy had some good advice for other KKF students.  “I would advise other students to believe in God and pray always. Nevertheless, they should not only work hard in their academics but also work smart. There are many opportunities for hardworking and smart students out here.”

Sammy does have hobbies beyond his academic work.  “I love academics because I believe that’s a God given gift to impact society. I love reading science books.”  In sports, Sammy enjoys playing chess, netball, and football. He’s also passionate about volunteering to help others—especially in academics.  He hopes that KKF will increase their mentorship programs for their scholarship recipients in high schools so he can actively participate as a mentor throughout his university education.  Ultimately, with gratefulness, Sammy looks forward to “giving back to the Foundation by supporting them to help others in the society. May God expand our boundaries as a Foundation.”